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The 2020 Annual General Meeting of ECOVE Environment Corporation & the 1st Meeting of the 8th Term Board of Directors

ECOVE Environment Corporation held its 2020 Annual General Meeting on May 28, 2020 at Room 505 in the Mellow Fields Hotel. During the meeting, motions regarding business report for fiscal year 2019, financial statements, distribution of fiscal year 2019 earnings, and amendments of “Articles of Incorporation” were all carried.

According to the business report, consolidated operating revenues for 2019 amounted to NT$ 5,321,559 thousand, an increase of NT$ 474,463 thousand against 2018. Net profit after tax for 2019 was reported at NT$ 811,312 thousand, an increase of NT$ 4,400 thousand against 2018. The increase of operating revenue for 2019 is attributed primarily to the increase in ECOVE Solar Energy Corp.’s--the newly merged subsidiary-- revenue by NT$ 268,829 thousand, as well as a hike in purchase price of business waste in year 2019. In addition, cash dividend payable to shareholders of NT$ 726,748,753 was approved during the meeting (NT$ 10.83 per share based on 67,105,148 common outstanding shares).

Meanwhile, the election of the Company’s 8th term Directors was held, and the motion for lifting non-competition restrictions for newly-elected directors was carried. In all, 9 Directors were elected (including 3 Independent Directors) for the 8th term, each with a tenure of three years. The first Board Meeting for the 8th term Board of Directors was held on the same day, during which Chairman J. J. Liao was reelected and President Y. P. Shih was reappointed. The ex-dividend date and the dividend payment date were set to be on July 24 and on August 19, 2020, respectively.