All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

Editor’s Words


Editor’s Words

As the most reliable provider of industry-leading “resource cycling” services, ECOVE actively supports the government’s policies to cope with global sustainability challenges. Specifically, in terms of solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant investment and development, ECOVE has installed over 50 PV power plants on rooftops, land, and water surfaces given the fact that land availability in Taiwan is limited. It has thus established considerable energy generation of over 60 MW per year--the largest in Taiwan either at ports, restored landfills, or transportation depots, becoming an enabler of circular economy. 

In this issue of e-newsletter, we introduce ECOVE’s achievements in solar photovoltaics power plants over the years by looking at policies, technologies, and practices. In “Outlook” column, we share how ECOVE actively supports the government’s policies by working jointly with other industries for land revitalization purpose, and in so doing, a piece of land may be used for installing PV solar power plant, bringing dual benefits and contributing to the green economy as well as shared prosperity. The “Key Technology” column, on the other hand, presents how ECOVE’s competencies in Energy-from-Waste plants operation and management over the past 20 years and more are combined with the parent company CTCI’s engineering know-hows for the project developments on landfills with special geological conditions, successfully transforming them into lands suitable for PV power plant installation. Last but not least, the “Innovation” column shows how Xin-Ying power plants in Tainan, transformed from a landfill, became the largest landfill-turned-PV power plant in Taiwan through innovative engineering technologies, solving challenges posed by irregular land subsidence. With this project, ECOVE has assisted the city government in creating multiple benefits for the environment and the economy alike.

ECOVE’s extensive experience and track records in PV power plants has been extended into the U.S. market. Looking forward to the future, it will continue paying close attention to other major markets to identify the right investment targets. Meanwhile, by constantly improving its resource cycling efficiency and utilizing smart applications and data management tools, ECOVE has also contributed a share of making the world more sustainable with its high-efficiency power generation capability.