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How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

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ECOVE Joins 13 Job Fairs

ECOVE is the largest environmental resource management company in Taiwan. With the rapid business development of Energy-from-Waste(EfW), waste management, sewage treatment and solar photovoltaic, ECOVE greatly needs talents majored in environmental engineering, electrical machinery, machinery, as well as chemical engineering, and will conduct 13 job fairs from March to May.

ECOVE's operations are dominated by EfW and waste management business. In recent years, ECOVE has continuously increased solar photovoltaic, mechanical maintenance, sewage treatment, and waste solvent recycling business. With international business expansion comes oversea working opportunities, talents may be posted abroad by ECOVE and become transnational management experts.

In addition, ECOVE provides talents with a fair and competitive compensation and benefits plan. To encourage outstanding talents, the company will distribute bonuses and dividends based on earnings and individual performance. Currently, ECOVE opens job vacancies online (see.104 Human Resource Agency), and you are welcome to contact ECOVE. Please write to tsu-ting.chen@ecove.com or call +886-2-2162-1688 ext. 56112 for more information.