All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.



Highlight of Renewable Energy:
The Outlook for New Generation of EfW
At ECOVE, we strive to implement the concept of circular economy development and evaluate the possibility of extending the operational life of aging EfW plants, expecting this new generation of EfW power technology to become a highlight for our country's renewable energy industry.

Key Technology


ECOVE Introduces Shock Pulse Boiler Cleaning Technology to Boost Boiler Efficiency and Availability of EfW Plants ECOVE makes an effort to improve resource cycling efficiency. In this column, the slag accumulated in the boiler of Energy-from-Waste(EfW) plants will be taken as an example. ECOVE has become Taiwan's first provider of resource cycling services successfully introducing portable shock pu

ECOVE Innovation


ECOVE Optimizes Efficiency by Intelligent Management &Technological Self-Reliance integrated intelligent monitoring and warning systems will provide real-time integration of management information for immediate judgment and response on business operations in order to ensure stable operation of each project and improve operational efficiency.

Hot News

ECOVE Launches LINE Stickers to Promote Environmental Protection Education In response to Earth Day, an annual event celebrated on April 22, the ECOVE, in collaboration with the Water Resources Bureau of New North City Gov't, launches “Water Elf” LINE stickers to promote environmental protection education and engage in public welfare activities.
ECOVE Builds Photovoltaic Power Facilities at Kaohsiung Port & Da-Lin Plant In the first quarter of 2019, ECOVE has completed Da-Lin and Kaohsiung Port photovoltaic projects generating 2.9 million kWh power and cut down about 1,600 metric tons of carbon emission yearly.
ECOVE Purifies&Reuses Waste Solvent to Increase Resource Cycling Efficiency To improve resource recycling rate and sustainable living environment, CTCI Group established ECOVE Solvent Recycling Corp. in 2018 to offer waste solvent purification and reuse services, so as to help return waste liquids to the market supply chain as industrial raw materials, thereby reducing loss
ECOVE Joins 13 Job Fairs To encourage outstanding talents, the company will distribute bonuses and dividends based on earnings and individual performance. Currently, ECOVE opens job vacancies online (see.104 Human Resource Agency), and you are welcome to contact ECOVE.

Editor’s Words


ECOVE is on a mission to cycle resources as efficiently as possible. Therefore, the No.6 ECOVE-Newsletter focuses on “Resource Cycling Efficiency™” where ECOVE truly excels, opening the door for global visitors to delve deeper into ECOVE and its impact on the planet. To begin with “Outlook” ...