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ECOVE Develops Intelligent Solutions Management System to Make Waste Treatment Cleaner, Safer & More Efficient The disposal management system has successfully enhanced the operational effectiveness of ECOVE's fleet, while ruling out subjective human judgment in the process and saving hours of manual calculations, thereby significantly enhancing the performance of self-management.

Key Technology


ECOVE Embraces Big Data
Waste Treatment Gets Smarter
ECOVE has developed an intelligent "Waste Management Information System," which makes waste management more systematic and data-driven. The system provides strong support to the effective operation of the incineration plants, and enhances ‘Resource Cycling’ efficiency™.

ECOVE Innovation


ECOVE Promotes Green Transportation to Create a Sustainable Environment ECOVE WMC is an industry leader to adopt flatbed truck safety net coverage and retraction device in Taiwan, to ensure a safe workplace for their employees. Moreover, to contribute toward air pollution reduction and energy consumption.

Hot News

ECOVE Invests in Building Taoyuan’s Largest Public Photovoltaic Facilities at Cingpu Depot, Supplying for 1,040 Households Yearly On Nov. 20, Taiwan’s largest environmental resource management company, ECOVE, announced that it has secured a photovoltaic project at Taoyuan Metro Cingpu Depot after completed the Luzhu Photovoltaic Plant. The Cingpu Photovoltaic Plant is scheduled to completed by June of 2020, and will be Taoyuan
ECOVE Honored with “Technology Contribution Award” from CTCI Foundation ECOVE, Taiwan’s leading resource cycling services provider, dedicates to improve resource cycling efficiency, and offer tailor- made solutions to waste treatment. A good example is to be honored with “Technology Contribution Award from CTCI Foundation for providing with safe, high-efficiency, and s
ECOVE Wins the First Prize of 2019 CSR Excellence Awards Results for Top 100 of the 2019 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Award organized by CommonWealth magazine have come out. ECOVE came in 1st place under medium-sized enterprise for the first time, and has won this award for five successive years.
ECOVE Builds Taipei’s Largest Rooftop Photovoltaic Facilities at Beitou Depot, Supplying for 1,100 Households Yearly In response to the government’s promotion for renewable energy, the Taipei Metro selected its Beitou Depot to install solar modules, the first and largest photovoltaic construction of the Taipei Metro.
Five of ECOVE EfW Plants Honored with the Excellence Awards in EPA Annual Appraisal ECOVE, has long been dedicated to improve resource cycling efficiency; the efforts have been recognized with 2018 annual evaluations for incineration plants organized by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

Editor’s Words


Editor’s Words Featuring the development and utilization of waste treatment in this issue, ECOVE shares its experiences with a view to intelligent management and eco-friendly transportation in the industry.To begin with “Outlook” column, through building an intelligent solution management system, ECOVE keeps...