Safe and Healthy Workplace

Occupational Safety & Health Committee

ECOVE has established Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy and sees execution of environmental protection and building a safe and healthy work environment as the principle. Moreover, we are dedicated to maintaining the physical and mental health well-being of employees and all contractors and partners.

Occupational Health and Safety Committees have been established at subsidiaries ECOVE Environment Service Corp. (ECOVE ESC) and ECOVE Waste Management Corp. (ECOVE WMC) but not yet at other smaller-scale subsidiaries which did not meet the required number of personnel.
▼ Organization of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee

▼ Six Major KPI for Quality and HSE

▼ KPI Evaluation Process Flowchart

Risk Evaluation and Workplace Safety Control

In terms of risk control on occupational safety and health, the Company conducts risk evaluation on every work process, chemical substance, tools, and environmental exposure through the occupational safety and health management system, and separately establishes processing standards and regulations based on their levels of risk. At the same time, the Company also reviews the reasonableness of processing standards through onsite inspection to meet the appropriateness of processing standards.

Mechanical equipment management, key inspection and job checks

As for machinery and equipment management, the MMIS system includes each machine or equipment at each EfW plant that the Company manages into schedules, and maintenance planning and repair follow-up will be conducted on an Internet-based system to avoid any negligence. Moreover, automated inspection plan is established on equipment before processing, and pre-work inspection, onsite observation and inspection during processing, and after-work onsite confirmation and review are conducted in practice. To control processing safety, various safety control processes are adopted, and Internet-based permit and license query is also used to effectively confirm the validity of permits and the qualification of operators.

Reinforced Safety Management and Audit

▼ Three-level management and audit

▼ PDCA Flowchart for Audit Levels 1 to 3

Occupational Disaster Prevention

ECOVE has always been very focused on occupational safety and health, and we actively invest in related resources to provide an even friendlier work environment for employees. All employees are deeply aware that safety is related to their personal well-being, and are dedicated to carrying out and seeing zero-disaster as the priority in our processes. By promoting various plans and systems and upholding the core value of being "people-oriented," we invest manpower and resources toward maintaining the safety and health of employees at work. We build a safe and healthy work environment and have set sustainable management as a vision in building an environment with zero-disaster.

In keeping true with the safety and health first mission, ECOVE has established risk management, legal compliance, communications training, and continuous improvement policies. We have received OHSAS 18001 and TOSHMS certifications in as early as 2009, and in response to policy from the Ministry of Labor in 2011, we have transitioned TOSHMS certification to CNS 15506; moreover, we also have obtained the ISO 45001 certification in 2018. All operational sites are 100% included in the verification process for the certification, and also includes all employees, contractors, outsourced vendors, and in essence, all workers throughout the workplace.


▼ 2018 Occupational Safety and Health Outstanding Personnel

In addition to actively fostering employee safety awareness and creating a culture of workplace safety, we also actively communicate with competent authority and participate in promotions of relevant government policies. For instance, the Company was invited to share experiences on safety and health management practices to the Safety and Health Family Activities at the Taichung City Labor Inspection Department in 2018. Through our experienced managers' interactions and sharing with external entities, we could disseminate the concept of safety and resources to work toward a better future.

Occupational Health Management

In consideration of employees' work environment and conditions, ECOVE has planned comprehensive health management system and provides health checkup and specialized health checkup for every new employee. This is better than the minimum legal requirements and our gesture to care for employees. Currently, a general health checkup is conducted every 2 years, and specialized health checkup once every year.Currently, health checkups are carried out with positive effects, and no related occupational diseases have been found during specialized health checkups.
In terms of services for occupational health, we organize related education training courses and provide consultation for hazardous factors that employees are more likely to be exposed to at work. This helps employees to gain full awareness for their work environment and to further understand ways to protect their own health and to mitigate health impacts.

In terms of health promotions, we also organize smoking cessation clinics, alcohol cessation and healthy dietary courses to enhance employees' awareness for maintaining their well-being and willingness to participate. We highly encourage employees to actively participate and to put healthy living in practice.

Health Management and Seminars
ECOVE has established and continues to carry out four major protection schemes. In 2018, 22 sessions of educational training (occupational health service and health promotions) were organized, in which nurses, occupational medicine doctors, and firefighters were invited to conduct risk evaluation and guidance at ECOVE plants and provided a series of seminars, ranging from fatigue management, smoking cessation advocacy, CPR and first aid, and AED use, etc. Improvements were made based on the opinions of experts from various fields, helping to alleviate our employees' work-related stress and increase the health awareness levels for all ECOVE staff.

Healthy Week
Based on employees' health checkup results, "Healthy Week" activities would be organized in each year, in which themes would be decided based on recent events. To encourage everyone to start a healthy and balanced workplace culture, primary theme for 2018 was "LOHAS Living and to Stay Fit," and the contents of which covered myocardial infarction, metabolic syndrome prevention, Aerobics 123, and Health 123.

Safety Moment
CTCI has been initiating Safety Moment activities since 2017. Safety Moment needs to be carried out at the beginning of every meeting of five persons or above. Different from traditional classroom lectures or a top-down advocacy, Safety Moment allows every employee to share their experiences. We aspire that by sharing about safety awareness and reflecting upon recent work-related incidents or the news, the speaker could remember about safety more clearly as well as to interact with everyone and to mutually remind each other of the importance of each aspect of safety, health, or environmental protection.
As ECOVE is focused on personnel safety, pointing and calling is carried out for processes with high risk and high frequency within the plants. In order to focus on the safety first mentality throughout each process, currently, processes that require pointing and calling are maintenance isolation of rotating equipment, initiation of rotating equipment, waste dumping and inspection, and stacker driving.

Occupational Safety and Health Management and Future Outlook

Besides setting work standards to various processes and providing personnel training, ECOVE also confirms the feasibility of work standards through inspections of material activities to fulfill the objective of safe processes. In addition, to prevent the occurrence of any occupational disaster, work-safety related themes are planned in each year and annual safety and health promotional objective from the Ministry of Labor is introduced, on top of reviewing all false alarms or work-related incidents. The themes for the Work Safety Week organized for the past five years have also focused on promoting a well-rounded culture of safety, including "the road to safety" and "the appropriateness of the system." Furthermore, pointing and calling has been introduced to our sites and first began at processes with higher risk and frequency. By confirming each key process, we can reduce employees' hazard exposure and promote safety and health at each turn.